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About Me

Let’s “rev-up” with my introduction first!

I work as a consultant abdominal surgeon. Working inside operating rooms (ORs) have always enlightened me that acceptance of uncertainty not only boosts up our courage to move forward but also enriches us with joy.

Though I love to work with different scalpels, forceps and scissors inside ORs, what really fascinated me was motorcycle adventure touring and that’s where it all began.

About RidingLatitudes

While “fueling up” information from various resources for my initial rides, a thought rippled through my mind for sharing all knowledge that I acquired from my journey, from fellow riders, from observers with you and the end-result is the creation of this blog platform.

RidingLatitudes is all about making your next ride more comfortable but also safer. This platform has three primary components; to ignite the “lean” passion for motorcycle adventure touring by sharing first-hand experiences of fellow riders, to navigate “before you lost” on planning and preparation by sharing knowledge and experiences and to endure “the standing rider” to conquer this long bumpy journey by doing “re-jetting” with some great stories of great riders!

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This blog platform is all about sharing invaluable information and experiences of motorcycle adventure touring. Therefore, this platform must be expanded on social media to make it approachable “beyond the roads”.

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I dedicate this blog platform and offer my gratitude to my family and friends for their love, care, and support.

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Wish you a safe ride! Ride beyond the roads!!

H. K.